META - Maritime and Environmental Thresholds for Aquaculture

META provides data on environmental thresholds for cultivation of aquatic animals and plants.

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Getting started

The META site brings together much of the information available for environmental thresholds. This site was designed to help you quickly find thresholds for the species you want to cultivate by searching an online database built on the basis of state-of-the-art science.

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Search META

You are an investor, industry player, or involved in water management, and you want to know what animals or plants you can grow under particular environmental conditions. If you know the range of e.g. water temperature in a particular area, META will tell you what to grow.

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Find limits

You want to select a particular species and see all the environmental limits that apply to it. META contains three types of limits: The first two are thresholds and optimal ranges based on scientific literature. The third is based on expert knowledge from aquaculture practitioners.

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View references

The environmental ranges defined in META are based on a huge literature review. If you want to see which scientific articles were used by Longline to build META, you can find out by clicking the link below. In many cases, META lets you view the literature references online.

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