Modelling the future of aquaculture


Aquarisk's state scoring algorithms provide farming, insurance and financial risk management analytics to reduce production, environmental, equipment, governance and husbandry risk. AquaRisk detects and addresses aquaculture risks before they occur, providing increased financial security for farms and insurers.


AquaScape is a cloud-based platform for assessing regulatory strategy for shrimp and finfish aquaculture. The platform calculates carrying capacity, supporting decisions for spatial planning for aquaculture, agriculture and urban assets, providing analytics on aquaculture development.


FARM is platform for assessing farming production and associated environmental footprints for aquaculture. FARM’s calculation engine provides insightful metrics of production efficiency and environmental footprints for a large range of species. FARM is crucial to determine sustainability in aquaculture.


Ecowin is an ecological modelling platform to address large-scale aquatic sustainability challenges. Ecowin calculates metrics that inform the sustainability and carrying capacity of complex systems for nutrient pollution and development scenarios. Ecowin addresses regulatory and planning constraints for aquatic environments.


Organix assesses environmental footprints of aquaculture, determining the impacts on surrounding areas. Organix uses cutting-edge science to assist the aquaculture industry with compliance of international environmental standards by quantifying farming emissions and spatial footprints.


AquaPrime simplifies aquaculture farm management. Farm performance metrics at your fingertips, accelerating precision aquaculture. Manage your aquaculture metrics from production to feeding, optimising efficiency, product quality and other value added features.


People, planet, profit



Aquaculture modelling solutions tackle some of the most challenging elements of sustainability, risk and innovation for farming communities



Aquaculture governance solutions deliver tech to optimise people, planet, profit for government, farms, development initiatives, sustainable finance insurance



Aquaculture insurance solutions provide scalable risk management addressing exposures and quantifying risk for farms, insurers and finance



Disease modelling solutions use connectivity models to understand disease transmission and impact in aquaculture yield over space and time

Land and hydrology

Land and hydrology

Land and hydrology solutions provide state-of-art land modelling approaches to address challenges associated with the hydrosphere, climate and communities

Climate change

Climate change

Climate modeling solutions provide insights on animal growth, environmental and pathogen risks and opportunities that climate change brings to aquaculture


The future starts here


We tackle hard problems by understanding some of the most challenging aspects surrounding water resources. Our research explores creative new approaches to solve intractable problems from aquaculture to climate change.


We are a diverse group of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who build technologies to solve challenging problems for a wide range of disciplines. Our innovation is focused turning ideas into impact for a resource constrained future.


Publishing research is a core principle and ensuring that the methods driving our tech ventures are validated through peer-review. Our publications include papers covering a range of disciplines from ecology to engineering.