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Aquaculture modelling is the future. Determine the sustainable level of production for your offshore or onshore aquaculture farms, improving profitability and environmental stewardship.

Environmental consulting for water bodies. Ecological modelling for coastal and estuarine systems, development scenarios, regulatory assessments and other marine advisory issues.

Data solutions leverage our modelling. GIS, water quality databases and data entry are essencial for aquaculture site selection, carrying capacity studies and other bespoke applications.

Aquaculture Insurance Services

We provide support services to aquaculture insurance entities. Risk assessment studies, insurance surveys and market intelligence for emerging aquaculture insurance markets.

Longline Mobile

The Aquaculture Investor Index is the first aquaculture index ranking the competitiveness of the aquaculture industry across Europe, assigning a score for each country.

Aquaculture Traceability

Online aquaculture traceability platform in the cloud, enabling aquaculture producers to track biomass growth, water quality parameters and other metrics in real-time. Track your farm using a laptop, a tablet or smartphone.